The coalition has been established under section 501(c)(4) of the tax code – a non-profit association dedicated to issue advocacy. Using this structure ensures that the Coalition’s membership and donor list would not become public, and leadership would take all measures possible to maintain its confidentiality.

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Strong Advocacy While Maintaining Member Privacy

The Tourism and Travel Industry Consumer Coalition includes individuals and entities at all levels of the travel and tourism industry. If your business depends on travel and tourism, you need to participate to protect our industry.

Class A Members

Class A Members comprise the governing body of the Coalition and may designate one (1) individual to the Board of Directors. The Board may convene for weekly conference calls and initial meetings to discuss and determine organizational priorities, develop a road map of draft legislation/standards and sign off on budget and expense matters. Class A Members are entrusted with the voting rights to determine Coalition action. Class A Members pay an initial fee of $10,000. Subsequent dues will be determined by the Board.

Class B Members

Class B Members can participate in monthly phone calls, in person meetings, and voice their opinions in a non-voting capacity on the organizational priorities and direction of the Coalition. Class B Members pay an initial fee of $1,000. Subsequent dues will be determined by the Board.

Join the Coalition

Application for membership is subject to approval by the Coalition. Submitting an application for membership through this form does not constitute or guarantee membership in the Coalition.