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Advocating for common sense policies to preserve affordable travel insurance options for consumers

The Tourism & Travel Industry Consumer Coalition was formed in 2015 to protect consumers and preserve the travel/tourism industry by developing, proposing and securing passage and implementation of comprehensive model rules and standards, as well as potential state and federal legislation that recognize the unique nature of risks and issues associated with travel.

The Coalition’s charge is to launch a coordinated effort with industry stakeholders, elected officials and national insurance regulatory bodies to form comprehensive rules concerning the jurisdiction of states over travel plans and other issues including the marketing and dissemination of travel plans that could include both insurance and non-insurance assistance and benefits. The Coalition will also seek to promote the advancement of uniform rules to govern the unique nature of tourism and travel.

The Challenge

State laws and regulations must progress with industry advancement and consumer needs. The National Conference of Insurance Legislators (NCOIL) developed a Model Act proposed by industry that provided a workable limited lines travel insurance licensing solution. The challenge is to work with regulators and legislators to implement solutions for the benefit of consumers.

Today’s Battle

Addressing the future regulatory landscape that preserves the unique nature of travel insurance and travel protection products offered through non-insurance channels of distribution. Travel insurance products should be regulated through a thoughtful approach that takes into account the unique needs of the consumer and risks associated with national and/or international travel. Join the Coalition as we make every effort to forge positive solutions for the burgeoning and all important tourism and travel industry.

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